The United Reformed Church

The URC is a family of Christians who meet in local churches across England, Scotland and Wales, part of the worldwide family of Reformed Churches, a group of more than 70 million Christians. 

The URC has around 42,000 members in about 1,200 congregations with more than 600 ministers. More than 48,000 people worship in our churches each week, and many more take part in the weekday activities of the churches.

For organisational purposes, the country is divided geographically into a number of synods.  St Ives Free Church is part of the Eastern Synod.

Please Click on the image below in order to find out more about the United Reformed Church.

The URC produces a range of useful resources including... 
The URC produce daily podcasts which can be accessed by clicking on the image to the left.
The URC Eastern Synod produce regular updates and the latest one can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left.
Walking The Way is the United Reformed Church's focus on lifelong Christian discipleship and mission.  Click on the image to the left.
For details of United Reformed Church's resources for Children and Youth, click this image. 
The URC have produced a publication called "New Reality, same Mission" which can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left.


There are a number of useful guides which are available to download from the URC including "Ready for the New Normal". Click on the image  to access these. 

Did you know that the URC is a member of JPIT? Click on the image above to visit their website. 

The latest newsletter from Westminster College is available by clicking on the image above.

The URC Walking The Way team have also produced a booklet Continuing to support each other

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