On this page we will try to keep you updated on any impact of the coronavirus (COVID 19) on the life and activities of our church.

See our Homepage for links to the latest weekly email, weekly devotions, URC daily devotions and URC Sunday Worship.  

The plan is to hold worship services once a month during the autumn. Our intention is that we will hold Sunday worship services at 11 am in our church building on 13th Sept, 11th Oct and 15th Nov 2020. We are permitted a maximum of 30 people at each service and if you would like to attend one or more of these services then please contact Gail in our Church Office ( 01480 468535 or office@stivesfreechurch.org) to reserve a place. If you turn up for a service without being expected then we may not be able to let you in. 

There are a number of measures which we are required to put in place for these services including that you need bring your own face covering with you to wear throughout the service. We will need to keep details of all who attend for Track and Trace purposes. The hand sanitizers which have been fitted will need to be used on the way in and out. Our grey plastic chairs will be used, cleaned ahead of time, and will be placed two metres apart. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to sing, but there will be music played that can listened to, as part of the service. We are asked to leave directly following the service.

Regarding Tookey’s and Just Sharing, our current plan is for both to gradually reopen in late September. This will enable them to assess how things are going. Do come and support both the shop and coffee bar as you are able. There are some small groups who use our building, who serve their clients’ wellbeing, who will be starting back in October. We are asking most other groups who use our building to wait until January 2021 before considering returning.

Below are links to some resources on our website and elsewhere.

Visit our Worship at Home page for ways in which you can continue to worship with us. (Click on the image to the left)

The URC are producing daily podcasts which can be accessed by clicking on the image to the left.

The URC Eastern Synod are producing regular updates and the latest one can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left.


The URC have produced a publication called  "New Reality, same Mission" which can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left.

There are a number of useful guides which are avilable to download from the URC including "Ready for the New Normal". Click on the image to the left to access these. 





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Sunday Services  In line with other United Reformed Churches, we had to suspend all our Sunday Services. We are now looking at gradually restarting some services and the dates for these are given at the top of this page.

Chapel Prayers  Our regular Chapel Prayers, which normally take place at 10 each morning, will cease to take place.

Just Sharing  We had to take the difficult decision to temporarily close our popular Fair Trade shop. We are hoping that it may be possible to start gradually reopening from the end of September.  

Tookeys and our Monday Snack Bar  We also had temporarily close Tookeys and the Monday Snack Bar. Again, we are hoping that it may be possible to start gradually reopening from the end of September. To provide sufficient space, Tookeys would operate in our large downstairs Hall rather than it's usual space. 

Events, Activities and Meetings  All the events, activities and meetings which were scheduled to take place in our building had also been cancelled. Some support groups may be able to restart in October but larger meetings will need to wait longer before they can restart.   

Church Committees  The meetings planned for our various committes will continue to take place via conference calls /virtual meetings.  


Advice about coronavirus

Some useful advice has been issued by the United Reformed Church regarding coronavirus and that can be found by clicking here.

Advice on reducing the spread of the virus includes...



General advice regarding coronavirus can be found at several places including NHS websites such as the one that can be found by clicking here.